Micks top ten paintings - updated!!!

This is random list that spot-lights important paintings that I have created over the last twenty years - as selected by me, Mick Tilman... Note old text is in blue and updated is in yellow...

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Haywheels - (Glenarm, ON - near Orillia - off of Durham road 15) - Medium: Ink, Acrylic, Oil Pastel, Pencil Crayon and Clear Gel on Watercolour Paper - Size: 9" x 12" SOLD  
This is full of wonderful movement and crossmovement - The wind, the wheels, the grass and haywheels. Just look at it and you might get it - Sold this one in the McMichael - I'd like to get back in there again for a show....

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August Sundown - Perch Point - Percy Lake, Haliburton, ON, August 2005, Acrylic, Ink, Pencil and Watercolour on Watercolour paper  - 9" x 12" -  ($600.00) I drive my boat past this point a lot and watch the perch jump - they used to be really abundant in this lake - about 20 years ago - but were overfished and chased out by the bass - this sundown kicks butt - this point is being surveyed now and will probably be for sale in 2010 - you can throw my ashes off this point and have K.D. Lang sing my eulogy.

Image of bathurstfarmn.jpg

Bathurst Farm - 2001 - 10" x 11" - I started really getting excited about farm landscapes - there seems to be all kinds of wonderful sections to explore.... This Farm is called "Norse Ridge Farm" - its on Bathurst just before Mullock in Aurora - I drive by it every day on my way to work... This is a humble painting of a place that is getting swallowed up quickly!!!
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Eagle Lake Road - 12" x 15" - 2000 - this one is probably my second best landscape to date - yes I like it - The scene is important to me... I've considered this a great scene that must be painted - Eagle Lake Road in Haliburton... This Painting was chosen for the Varley Gallery Juried Show in 2001...  (Sold) This scene has changed only slightly over the 20 years that I have known it - recently the dam has been altered - of course the beavers are always changing the landscape of the pond to the right - which is barely shown in this painting.  more

Image of fishtales-wb.jpg

Fish Tales - March 2003, 18" x 24" - Ink and Acrylic on Watercolour paper - $1000.00 I'm not sure that I'd even sell it for a G. This painting flows so well and opened up the door for some exploratory work in digital media. I love fish, and yes I love fishin'. Its peaceful and easy going - most of the time. Bonding too. I did a fish a day for about a week and boom - put together well like puzzle peices - love the negative space in this one.

Image of snappingtweb1.jpg

A Live Snapping Turtle Is Land - 1994 - 18" x 24" - this painting is one of my first "serious" paintings - I combined early infulences of Aboriginal Art and the Group of Seven - these are my Tom Thomson Trees.  I also like the idea of 'mythical' creation in this image...(SOLD) - This one is solid - it is strong - it is at ease though - land and nature combined - and it might snap back...

Image of cfrogs1.jpg

Confide Frogs - 1996 - 12" x 15" - this painting shows my developed fragmentation style - it is quite confident in this one - the placement of shapes is wonderful in this peice as well as the negative space.  Although this is a simple theme it seems to transcend beyond just a few frogs for me... This one really fermented my fragmenting style - it really took off after that - and then I got sick of painting fragmented animals - after about 8 years of doing them I went into landscapes - which I always loved, but really couldn't do to my satisfaction - until about 1999...

Image of kingfisherbaby.jpg

Kingfisher - 1997 - 18" x 24" - ink, acrylic, watercolour, silver leaf and sparkles on watercolour paper. (Not for sale) This is probably my best bird - and I have done many - Its birds, fish and bison I love doing the most  - of the animals... I put this up in my sons room - he points at it and says "Dird, Dird, Dird!!!!" - and thats why its not for sale - it was his first word - and oh ya - the kingfisher is by and far my favourite bird...

Image of synchropr1.jpg

SynchroPrimary - 2003 -enter the new milenium - I have toiled with digital art for a few years and this is the one that really started it all. The figure was drawn in old fashion pen and ink and then reversed and backgrounds painted in photoshop - this is a departure but also an arrival of a new style. There still is my lovely primative, but shit you gotta change. Also an influence is being an art teacher and doing bloody colour theory. This one has a late 60's and modern feel to it all at once.

Image of gwheel1.jpg

Great Wheel of Wyoming - 1993 - 18" x 24" - Ink on W/C paper ($400.00) click here to spin This one was one of my first Natural Surrealism works. It's about sitting around in Gardiner with the best friends you've got. Theres a piano playin ragtime - a guitar strummin and a banjo outta tune but not outta sight... miss you Randy...

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The Find - Acoustic Guitar - 1990 - inspired by a hike in Yellowstone - this guitar has been with me for almost 30years!!!!  I recently gave this guitar some TLC - new bone nut and saddle that I carved out of bison bones. Also a K and K style pick up - which I am not happy with - should have gone LR Baggs Ibeam...

Did you notice there were eleven ???

True Fish Tales

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