Solar Swwirll - Figure

Image of solarswwrlsm.jpg

I recently had the chance to scan this image - I had painted this in 1999 and had it framed pretty much immediately - as it was going in a Nude Art Show & had not the time to make a photo of this pic... So just the other day I decided to change the frame and made sure that I scanned this wonderful image...  

This painting is inspired by a sacred Morrocan Tattoo - This image was presented to me in a 4th year University Course entitled "the Sacred and Art" at York University - by a lady who did a wonderful seminar on Morrocan Tattoo's -  The whole torso and pelvis were tattoo-ed in this design - The swirls on the breasts have symbolic attachment to fertility, lifespan and eternity - I have painted them in actual gold leaf ... The hand is a sort of protector of that orfus - and I sorta read it as a hunger for entering a great wide universe... I have added a lot of my own interpretation to this image such as the Van Gogh-esque sky, crows and sunflowers as I identify with these symbols through my Dutch heritage and just because I dig these sorta common elements. -  

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