Featured Painting - Oblong Lake - (May 2002) O

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Oblong Lake at Sundown (Fort Irwin, Ontario)- May 2002 - 9" x 11" - Ink, Acrylic, Pastel and Pencil Crayon on Watercolour Paper ($400.00)

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Oblong Lake (Fort Irwin, Haliburton)- Digital Photo - May 2002

The above painting was inspired by the awesome view of Oblong lake at sundown - on the May 24 weekend (2002) - the photo is vivid and the painting has a sorta Linc Ray feel... Some people really prefer the painting - I think the photo is pretty darn good - this digital photo was taken by my wife Krista.... Nice shot girl !!! I kinda worked on the right corner of this view.

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