Micks Winning Streak

Mick is on a winning streak - It seems like quite a while ago (since the late 70's)  when he single handedly took the Birchmount Cleaners to the Wexford Hockey Association Finals - in Minor Atom.  He won more games in a row than Mike Palmateer ever did.  Its been kinda grim lately for Mick.... So grim that he didn't even place in the competition.  But he's back - back with a winning edge...
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Mick Tilman, Goalie - Birchmount Cleaners, WHA, 1977-78 GA - 4.36, SO - 13, GW - 46, GL - 6, GT - 7  

Bathurst Farm
Aurora, Ont

(Norse Ridge Farm)

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Bathurst Farm, Aurora, (Norse Ridge Farm), 2001, Medium: Ink, Acrylic, Watercolour, Pastel, Pencil Crayon, Clear Gel on Watercolour Paper Size: 11" x 12" - Framed: 19" x 21" Price:$450.00

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Actual Photo of "Bathurst Farm" - "Norse Ridge Farm" - May 2001, Aurora, Ontario

You know he went on a real tear with Tim Hortons as well - he at least won 2 times a week a coffee... Yes, Mick's winning style is back, back with a bounce...  His painting entitled "Bathurst Farm" won Honourable Mention in the ART AURORA 40th Juried Art Show (May 2002)...... Generally Mick doesn't enter competitions with his artwork - he saves that for the ice - But its nice to win - coffee, donuts, Shut-Outs, Honourable Mentions, Whatever...
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  Go Mick, Go !!!
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